Who We Are:
A group of entrepreneurs that believe the pursuit of one’s passion is a journey of spiritual transformation that leads to financial sustainability.

What We Do:
We Are Building a Synergistic Support Group Based on Exchange of:
o Information
o Ideas
o Abilities
o Resources
o Energy

How We do That:
o Group Meetings Every Other Tuesday
o Conscious Awareness of Unconscious Processes
o Discover Your Strengths
o Play to Your Strengths
o Jen-Su Formula of Success
o WITI Formula for Failure
o Share Success
o Ride the Synergy Wave
o Telling a Different Story
o Weekly, Scheduled, One on Ones with Coach Jones
o Impromptu One on Ones with Each Other
o Informal Gatherings as the Spirit so Moves Us

All of the above is intended to bring conscious awareness to our unconconscious processes.

How You FEEL About Your Health

Bringing your physical body into alignment is a tremendously valuable thing to do for two reasons:
1. There is no subject that people think more about than their own body. (And that is logical since you take it with you everywhere you go.)
2. Since every perspective or thought you have flows through the lens of your physical body, your attitude on virtually every subject is influenced by the way you FEEL about your physical body.

It is not possible to bring your physical body to a state of perfect health by only thinking about the physical aspect of your being and then offering action regarding your physical body. Without an understanding of the Connection between the physical you and the Non-Physical Vibrational Inner You, there can be no consistent understanding or control. In other words, while it may feel to you that the path to a good-FEELING, good-looking body will be a result of your BEHAVIOR in terms of food intake and activity, it is really much more about your VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT between the physical and Non-Physical aspects of your being.

Once you accept the totality of your Being and you make that VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT your top priority, you are well on your way to achieving and maintaining your desired physical body.

I would like to encourage you: Rather than looking at your Self and acknowledging that you are LACKING in this or in that characteristic, a most of you do, I would like to assist you in looking toward the advantages of what you ARE. In other words, as you are assessing or analyzing your physical body, spend a GREATER part of your time looking for the advantages that it offers not just to you, but to the balance of All-That-Is.

I am not encouraging you to look at whatever your current state is and proclaim it as “perfect,” because you will always be striving for something that is just beyond what-is. But finding aspects of your current experience that FEEL good when you focus upon them will cause you to align with the perspective of your Inner-Being, who is always focused upon your Well-Being. I encourage you to FEEL for the AGREEMENT between your thoughts and your body and your Inner Being’s thoughts about your body rather than trying to get the conditions of your body to agree with conditions of other bodies that you see around you.

Every subject is really two subjects: There is the subject of what you are wanting, and there is the subject of its lack. Regarding your body, since every thought that you think is filtered through your perspective of this body, if the body does not FEEL the way you want it to FEEL or look the way you want it to look, it is very natural that a large number of your thoughts would be slanted toward the LACK side of the equation rather than toward the truly desired side of the equation. From your place of LACK you will attract only more of THAT!

The way to get where you want to be is to give your FULL attention to what you DO want, not to give your attention to what you do NOT want.

The potential for wellness OR illness is ALWAYS within you. The thoughts you choose determine which you experience and to what degree you experience it.

I encourage you to be particular about what you think. Keep your thoughts on the side of the subject that is in harmony with your wanting. Think about Wellness—NOT the LACK of it.

The potential for illness OR wellness lies within all of you at all times. And whatever you give your attention to begins to foster within you the manifestation of the essence of that thought. Thought is very powerful. You get what you think about whether you want it or not!

Everything that you are living is as a result of the thoughts that you are thinking, and there is no exception to that. I want you to remember that the Universe does not distinguish between your thoughts of current reality and thoughts of imagined reality. The Universe and the Law of Attraction are simply responding to your thought—real OR imagined, current or remembered.

Focus upon MORE things that FEEL good. The biggest difference between regaining and maintaining is that it is easier to think good-FEELING thoughts when you FEEL good and than when you FEEL bad so maintaining health is much easier to do than regaining health. Give your attention to things that FEEL good. In every moment that you think about something that FEELS good, you are stopping poor health from moving forward.

Every thought vibrates. And so, focus upon thoughts that make you FEEL good, which will attract others and others and others and others and others...until your virbrational frequency will raise to the place that your Inner-Being can fully envelop you. And then you will be in the place of Well-Being and your physical apparatus will catch up very quickly. Your body is responding to your thoughts continually—in fact to nothing else. Your body is absolutely a pure reflection of the way you think.

The reason that more things do not change more quickly in our societies today is because most people are giving their attention predominantly to what IS. In order to effect change you must look beyond what IS.

It slows you down tremendously if you need to see evidence of something BEFOE you believe it. The Universe and the Law of Attraction will respond to your imagined idea as quickly as it responds to an observed idea.

The most powerful thing you can do—the thing that will give you much greater leverage than any action—is to spend time EVERY day visualizing your life as you WANT it to be. What has been has nothing to do with what will be. ANYTHING that you practice in your mind until the idea begins to FEEL natural to you must come to physical fruition.

The only path to the life you desire is through the path of LESS resistance, or the path of MOST ALLOWANCE; allowance of your Connection to your Source, to your Inner Being, to who-you-really-are, and to all that you desire. And that allowance is indicated to you in the form of good FEELING emotions. If you will let FEELING good be your most important priority, then whenever you are having a conversation that is NOT in harmony with the health you desire, you will FEEL bad, and so you will be altered to your resistance...and then you can CHOOSE a better FEELING thought and you will be right back on track.

Whenever you FEEL negative emotion, it is your Guidance System helping you to realize that you are, in this moment, offering resistant thought that is hindering the Stream of Well Being that would otherwise be reaching you fully. It is as if your Guidance System is saying “Here, you’re doing it again; here, you’re doing it again.” This negative emotion means you are in the process of attracting what you do NOT want.

Whenever you FEEL negative emotion, just stop whatever if is you are doing or thinking and say “What is it that I DO want?” And then, because you have turned your attention to what you DO want, the negative FEELING will be replaced by a positive FEELING and, and the negative attraction will be replace by positive attraction—and you will be right back on track.

When you have been on a particular train of thought for a while, it is not easy to abruptly change the direction of your thought, because the Law of Attraction is supplying you with thoughts that match your current train of thought. Sometimes when you are in that negative FEELING mode, another who is not in that negative place will not agree with your negative view or your current subject, which only serves to make you want to defend your position all the more. Trying to defend or justify your opinion only causes you to stay in your resistant state longer. And the reason so many people hold themselves in resistance unnecessarily is because it is more important to them to be “right” rather than to FEEL good.

When you meet those who are determined to convince you that they are right, and they try to hold you in a negative conversation in an attempt to convince you, sometimes you are considered “uncaring” or coldhearted” if you do not hear them and eventually agree with their point of view. But when you forfeit your good FEELING to try to please a negative friend who want to use your as a sounding board, you are paying a very big price for something that will not help him or her either. That uncomfortable knot in your stomach is your Inner Being saying, “This behavior, this conversation, isn’t in harmony with what you want.” You must be willing to please your Self FIRST or you will often be swept up by the negativity that surrounds you.

I understand that people in your life are significant, but you must not let their opinions of you be more important than your own, and anytime anyone influences you to focus upon something that makes you FEEL bad, you have received negative influence. I want you to practice your own thoughts so steadily that opinions of others become irrelevant to you. The only freedom you will ever experience comes when you achieve an absence of resistance, which means you will have figured out how to align your chronic thoughts with the thoughts of your own Inner Being.

When you FEEL very negative about something do not try to hammer it out and solve it immediately, because your negative attention to it just makes it worse. Distract yourself from the thought until you FEEL better; and then take another run at it from your positive, fresh perspective. It is NEVER a good idea to pursue ANY action that brings forth negative emotion, because the negative emotion means there is an Energy imbalance, and ANY action that your participate in during negative emotion will ALWAYS produce negative results.

There is no right or wrong way to tell your improved story. The only criterion that is important is that you be conscious of your intent to tell a BETTER FEELING, improved version of your story. Telling many good FEELING short stories throughout your day will change your point of attraction. Just remember that the story you tell is the basis of your life. So tell it the way you want it to be.