Who We Are:
A group of entrepreneurs that believe the pursuit of one’s passion is a journey of spiritual transformation that leads to financial sustainability.

What We Do:
We Are Building a Synergistic Support Group Based on Exchange of:
o Information
o Ideas
o Abilities
o Resources
o Energy

How We do That:
o Group Meetings Every Other Tuesday
o Conscious Awareness of Unconscious Processes
o Discover Your Strengths
o Play to Your Strengths
o Jen-Su Formula of Success
o WITI Formula for Failure
o Share Success
o Ride the Synergy Wave
o Telling a Different Story
o Weekly, Scheduled, One on Ones with Coach Jones
o Impromptu One on Ones with Each Other
o Informal Gatherings as the Spirit so Moves Us

All of the above is intended to bring conscious awareness to our unconconscious processes.

Anchor Your Affirmations

Anchors—A way...
Anchors are ways to consciously attach a highly emotional charge of high vibration energy to a specific trigger that when activated by choice, will release that energy throughout your body.

Creating Anchors:
Sit in a comfortable, relaxed position, eyes closed
Think of an extremely positive memory
At the Peak of the memory, set the emotion to a physical spot with a light touch (for example with your dominant hand touch the first knuckle of your other hand).
Release the touch and allow the memory to complete it’s wave cycle
Take a slow deep breath, hold slightly and slowly release
Open eyes and think an “analytical” thought (for example, a not too easy math problem)
Repeat this process 2 more times to reinforce the Anchor
Test the anchor by thinking of an unrelated slightly unpleasant thought and then “trigger” the Anchor.

Positive Affirmations:
Statements of your best, strongest desires/outcomes phrased in the present tense. Examples:
I live each day with passion and purpose

I am a success in all that I do

I respect my abilities and I always fulfill my potential

I always have more than enough money for all that I need and want

My business is now filled with prosperity and abundance

I easily achieve all my goals and dreams

I am totally confident

I am an excellent businessperson

I am wealthy and successful, every day, in all that I do

I use my wealth and prosperity very wisely

I now have all the resources necessary to fulfill any and all of my business goals and dreams

Making money excites me and energizes me

I am powerful and resourceful creator

I have absolute certainty in my ability to generate the income I choose

I have all the resources I need right not to become a multimillionaire

I have great abundance flowing into my business, which affords every luxury that I desire

I am organized, proactive, disciplined, talented, innovative, and intelligent businessperson applying sound and honest business practices

I am a powerful and resourceful creator attracting all the wealth and opportunities I need for me to meet my financial success

I have all the skills, intelligence, contacts, and money I need right now to create an incredible masterpiece with my business

I deserve to earn money easily and in abundance and to live totally paid in full and on time an all accounts. I am completely paid in full on all accounts and money is flowing to me from expected and unexpected sources

I deserve happiness, abundance, and prosperity

I accomplish my financial goals with ease

I have complete freedom over my time

I am a genius and I use my wisdom every moment

Day-by-day, in every way, I am better and better

I am inquisitive, creative, fun-loving, and adventurous

I have the extraordinary ability to accomplish everything I choose and want

I am committed, determined, and passionate about what I do

I am very focused and persistent

I have tremendous energy and focus for achieving all my business goals

My business is a masterpiece

I meditate daily and stay in constant sync with the vibration of abundance and success

I visualize all that I desire and I have complete control over manifesting it all

I feel happy and at peace with myself

I have absolute certainty about my ability to generate any amount of income I choose

I consistently attract all the right people to help me grow my business

I am a brilliant and savvy businessperson

I have all the talent, intelligence, and money I need

I am a master at what I do

Merge, Merge:
Now that you know what Anchors are and how to create them, and you know what Positive Affirmations are and how to create them, Merge the two together by setting an Anchor to your Affirmations!

When creating an Anchor, at the peak of the emotional thought wave set the Anchor with a touch AND state your Affirmation. NOW whenever you state your Affirmation, trigger the Anchor.

Congratulations! You’ve just Turbo Busted your life!